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The Atopic Dermatitis Research Network (ADRN) sponsored by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) conducts clinical trials/studies and animal studies to expand research begun under the Atopic Dermatitis and Vaccinia Network (ADVN).  The research being conducted encompasses defense mechanisms of the skin (immune defenses and skin barrier function), genetics, immunopathogenesis (i.e.  how the immune system operates in relation to the disease), susceptibility to infections, and responsiveness to vaccines.  

Rho serves as the Statistical and Clinical Coordinating Center (SACCC) for the ADRN, providing support for the network’s clinical and animal studies. In this capacity, Rho is responsible for statistical design and data analysisclinical coordination and project managementregulatory guidancecomputer-based data collection and managementoperational supportsafety oversight and reporting, clinical site monitoring, and the establishment and maintenance of a registry of patients with atopic dermatitis.

Gloria David, PhD, MHSc, is Principal Investigator (PI) for this project. 

For more information about this research from ClinicalTrials.gov, please see below.

Influenza Vaccine Pilot
Influenza Vaccine Study