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Rho’s clinical research experts are some of the most respected and well published in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device clinical research industry. The following is a searchable list of publications, presentations, posters, and white papers from our team of innovative, critical-thinking employees.

E.g., 2019-03-25
E.g., 2019-03-25

Alpha-1 anti-trypsin therapy in new-onset type 1 diabetes: Interim results from Part I of the RETAIN study

Ehlers MR, Gottlieb PA, Herold K, Aggarwal S, Phippard D, Jepson B, Rigby MR, Willi SM, Gelmont DM, McNamara J, Strom T, Weir GC, and the RETAIN study team European Association for the Study of Diabetes, Berlin, Germany, October 1-5, 2012 ITN 09/30/2012 Presentation


Serum Proteins Reflecting Inflammation, Injury, and Repair as Biomarkers of Disease Activity in ANCA-Associated Vasculitis

Monach PA, Specks U, Stone JH, Ding L, Fervenza F, Fessler BJ, Hoffman GS, Ikle D, Kallenberg CGM, Langford CA, Mueller M, Seo P, St. Clair EW, Speira RF, Tchao N, Ytterberg SR, Warner RL, Tomasson G, Krischer J, Johnson KJ, Merkel PA American College of Rheumatology, Chicago, IL, November 4-9, 2011 ITN 11/03/2011 Presentation