Marina Acosta Enslen

Senior Director, Clinical Operations

Marina Acosta Enslen

Senior Director, Clinical Operations

Marina Acosta Enslen has been involved in the conduct of clinical trials for 20 years, working in academia, pharmaceutical, and CRO markets. She has experience working on NIH and industry funded Phase 1 – 4 global clinical trials. Much of her career has been focused in infectious disease, primarily HIV/AIDS and HPV research providing clinical trial coordination, monitoring and clinical team leadership. Ms. Acosta Enslen’s broad experience from multiple perspectives and strong understanding of clinical trial management particular to infectious disease trials has allowed her to successfully lead teams.

Prior to joining Rho, Ms. Acosta Enslen’s experience included the conduct of 14 global infectious disease trials resulting in the approval of three new HIV medications and 2 new classes of antivirals. In addition to novel HIV therapies, Ms. Acosta Enslen has worked on combination ARV therapies, HIV and Hep C co-morbidity studies, HPV and HIV vaccine studies, and observational studies focused on the reduction of common ARV treatment complications such as lipodystrophy and cardiovascular disease. Her extensive experience provides Ms Acosta Enslen unique insight into the operations of both regional and global infectious disease clinical trials.

In addition to her infectious disease experience, Ms. Acosta Enslen has experience in the conduct of clinical trials in the therapeutic areas of oncology, gastroenterology, cardiology, urology, and nephrology.

Ms. Acosta Enslen earned her undergraduate degree in Psychology with a concentration in research methodology.

This is what drives Marina:

“I’m passionate about the impact this work can have on patients. In my 20 years in the industry, I have witnessed incredible progress in the treatment of HIV. Today, HIV positive patients have a higher quality of life (including a low pill burden) and a much longer life expectancy than they did 20 years ago.”

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