Nick Poulson, Ph.D

Senior Project Manager

Nick Poulson

Nick Poulson, Ph.D

Senior Project Manager

With almost a decade of clinical trial experience, Dr. Nick Poulson has managed, monitored, and coordinated Phase 2 through Phase 4 clinical trials across various therapeutic areas, especially pain.

Holding multiple roles across more than 5 osteoarthritis studies, Dr. Poulson currently serves as Senior Project Manager of an Osteoarthritis Program. Over the course of this program, Dr. Poulson was able to reduce enrollment timelines by 2-3 months by coordinating and guiding his team through a fast-paced startup timeline to ensure the activation of most sites before enrollment for each study began. Always giving 110%, Dr. Poulson prides himself on delivering excellent customer service and ensuring quality at every stage of a clinical trial.

As an expert in pain studies, Dr. Poulson is familiar with the various scales and assessments (NRS, WOMAC, KOOS, VAS, etc.) used to measure efficacy in pain studies. He also has expertise managing at-home reported assessments via paper diaries and ePRO devices in order to ensure timely and accurate reporting by subjects.

Dr. Poulson has a strong understanding of clinical trial management and delivery requirements, which has allowed him to successfully lead teams and meet timeline deliverables for various multi-center trials. He also has experience with vendor management, site qualification, site training and monitoring, IP management, the planning and execution of investigator meetings and presentations, as well as various other clinical trial management responsibilities.

Dr. Poulson received his doctorate degree in Cell Biology with a focus on cell division and the cell cycle from Duke University.

Why clinical research?

“Following the completion of my doctorate degree, I wanted to find a way to bridge the gap between preclinical drug development and patient care. A career in clinical research provided the perfect opportunity to see how work done in the lab can translate directly to beneficial outcomes for patients.”

This is what drives Dr. Poulson:

“At Rho specifically, the great thing about a clinical research career is the very clear value placed on the science behind the clinical trials we conduct. In addition to conducting studies that strive for positive patient outcomes, Rho seeks to conduct studies that push the scientific envelope towards therapies that are novel and different from what is currently on the market. The creativity and innovation behind the investigational products we are testing makes the hard work in managing a clinical study absolutely worth it when we see unique projects make it to market. Not to mention the teamwork and collaboration needed to reach that end goal, that’s what sets Rho apart from other CROs.”