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E.g., 2019-06-17

Association of DC-SIGN Promoter Polymorphism with Increased Risk for Parenteral, but Not Mucosal, Acquisition of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Infection

Martin MP, Lederman MM, Hutcheson HB, Goedert JJ, Nelson GW, van Kooyk Y, Detels R, Buchbinder S, Hoots K, Vlahov D, O'Brien SJ, and Carrington M Journal of Virology HGDS 11/30/2004 Publication

APOBEC3G genetic variants and their influence on AIDS

An P, Bleiber G, Duggal P, Nelson G, May M, Mangeat B, Alobwede I, Trono D, Donfield S, Goedert J, Phair J, Buchbinder S, Vlahov D, O'Brien S, Telenti A, Winkler C Journal of Virology HGDS 12/31/2003 Publication

HLA and NK cell inhibitory receptor genes in resolving hepatitis C virus infection

Khakoo S, Thio C, Martin M, Brooks C, Gao X, Astemborski J, Cheng J, Goedert J, Vlahov D, Hilgartner M, Cox S, Little AM, Alexander G, Cramp M, O'Brien S, Rosengerg S, Thomas D, Carrington M Science HGDS 08/05/2004 Publication

Frequency and causes of hospitalization in HIV-negative children with hemophilia A or B and its effect on academic achievement

Wong WY, Donfield S, FitzGerald G, Rains E, Pearson S, Gomperts E, and the Hemophilia Growth and Development Study Haemophilia HGDS 12/31/2003 Publication

Haplotype diversity in the Interleukin-4 gene is not associated wih HIV-1 transmission and AIDS progression

Modi W, O'Brien T, Vlahov D, Buckbinder S, Gomperts E, Phair J, O'Brien S and Winkler C Immunogenetics HGDS 05/31/2003 Publication

A Comprehensive Analysis of Class I and Class II HLA Antigens and Chronic Hepatitis B

Thio C, Thomas D, Karacki P, Gao X, Marti D, Kaslow R, Goedert J, Hilgartner M, Strathdee S, Duggal P, O'Brien S, Astemborski J, Carrington M Journal of Virology HGDS 12/31/2002 Publication

MCP-1-MCP-3-Eotaxin gene cluster influences HIV-1 transmission

Modi WS, Goedert JJ, Strathdee S, Buchbinder S, Detels R, Donfield S, O'Brien SJ, Winkler C AIDS HGDS 11/06/2003 Publication

Hemophilia Growth and Development Study: Caregiver Report of Youth and Family Adjustment to HIV Disease and Immunologic Compromise

Bordeaux J, Loveland K, Lachar D, Stehbens J, Bell T, Nichols S, Amodei N, Adkins K Journal of Pediatric Psychology HGDS 04/27/2003 Publication

Unresolved issues in prophylaxis

Brown SA, Aledort LM, Astermark J, Berntorp E, van den Berg M, Blanchette V, Donfield S, Gringeri A, Hilgartner M, Kulkarni R, Leissinger C, Negrier C, Nuss R, Petterson H, Petrini P, Poulios N, Schramm W Haemophilia HGDS 11/07/2002 Publication

Epistatic interaction between KIR3DS1 and HLA-B delays the progression to AIDS

Martin M, Gao X, Lee J, Nelson G, Detels R, Goedert J, Buchbinder S, Hoots K, Vlahov D, Trowsdale J, Wilson M, O'Brien S, Carrington M Nature Genetics HGDS 12/31/2001 Publication