Rho clinical research services are about getting the right results from your investment

Our clients make substantial investments in clinical research services that advance products with the potential to improve health and prevent disease. We believe this is important. Rho invests in making our clients’ clinical research initiatives work smarter for them. Throughout all clinical trial phases, Rho delivers exceptional customer service in a broad range of therapeutic areas. From effective study design to rapid site initiation, from our data standards to our medical writing, Rho’s services help illuminate a clear path to approval.

Our solutions include:

Strategically chart an efficient, integrated path for your product from beginning to end.

Rho can help you navigate the clinical trial process to save you time and minimize costs. 

Rho can help you understand the voice of the customer, perform market evaluation, and determine asset valuation.

FSP partnerships can increase efficiency in outsourcing without compromising quality.

Rho provides packages for Phase I clinical trials that have predictable cost structures. Our approach delivers data integrity in a model that provides cost and time controls and reliable results.

Our commitment to operational excellence and therapeutic expertise leads to an exceptional customer experience.

Our broad range of services allows us to provide the capacity needed for phase III clinical trial management.

Whether you’re working to provide new treatment options through label extensions or trying to demonstrate efficacy over other marketed medications, Rho has the research power that will advance your Phase IV clinical trials.

High quality submissions accelerate time to market and bring the benefit of new treatments to patients.

Rho utilizes a combination of proprietary applications and partnerships with third-party providers to offer our clients clinical trial technology solutions that meet our high standards of quality.

Rho’s focus on quality has led to a reputation as a first-class provider of clinical trial rescue services.