New Products Commercialization Planning

Rho understands the additional support development stage biopharma companies need.  We know some of our sponsors need guidance in commercialization planning activities such as: estimating asset value, building a picture of the competitive landscape, uncovering customer needs & concerns, as well as grasping to understand which value propositions or profiles potentially hold customer value.  Staffing up a commercialization function is an expensive proposition and for most development stage sponsors may be years off.  Yet, some of these same sponsors can benefit from making commercially informed early development decisions and offers New Products Commercialization Planning services.  

Voice of the Customer

We can help you gather early input on value propositions and target product profiles from potential customers that can help guide your development decisions and prepare you to answer the inevitable "What do your customers think about that?" question.  Building a better understanding of important commercialization inputs such as customer efficacy expectations, views about side effects, dosing strategies, and delivery mechanisms, etc. help to shape an informed and customer centric development strategy.

Market Evaluation

We can help you describe the potential competitive and market environments your product may be facing at launch.  Strategic information like this can help with market sizing estimations or identifying potential white space where a new product may be able to improve its competitive positioning.

Asset Valuation

We can help you assess the value of your new product with fit-to-purpose forecasting that supports current stage of development, "what if" scenario planning, and/or critical decisions facing your team.