Integrated Product Development for Drugs and Biologics

Strategically chart an efficient, integrated path for your product from beginning to end.

From preclinical proof-of-concept candidates to approved products primed for post-marketing label extension, our Integrated Product Development experts provide intelligent guidance to catalyze development of your products.

Choose from our scalable biopharmaceutical services to meet your specific product developmental and life-cycle goals:

  • Brief discipline-targeted consulting
  • Longer-term discipline-specific oversight and guidance
  • Integrated, multidisciplinary product planning and support

Rho’s Integrated Product Development experts plan and coordinate each clinical, non-clinical, CMC/Quality, and regulatory activity for your product, balancing risk against accelerated timelines by optimizing regulatory interactions and strategically running the right studies at the right time to achieve milestones with maximal efficiency. We allow you to focus your resources more effectively and get your products to patients faster while preventing costly development missteps.

Services and Consulting

Targeted consulting engagements in any discipline, including Regulatory, Nonclinical, CMC, Clinical, Data Management, and Biostatistics

End-to-end development guidance and support:

  • Creation and implementation of a strategic Integrated Product Development Plan
  • Development of the Target Product Profile
  • Product management through full life cycle
  • Coordination of concurrent activities to accelerate development timelines
  • Design, implementation, and conduct of clinical studies (Phase I-IV)
  • Proactive risk management/mitigation
  • Maximization of portfolio value by leveraging current technologies

Integrated Product Development for Drugs and Biologics

Integrated Product Development for Drugs and Biologics

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