Rho's full range of CRO services

We're proud to provide CRO services with depth, expertise, and quality

Rho has been supporting clinical research at pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies for more than 30 years and is an expert in providing end-to-end product development services.

Experience and expertise in trial designs, data analyses, and regulatory submissions drive high quality, timely deliverables.

Our data experts have unrivaled skill at considering all the variables within a protocol and translating that information into a reliable clinical database, a rigorous edit-check plan, and an effective data-cleaning strategy.

Extensive therapeutic knowledge, solid training programs, and development of strong site relationships lead to efficient study start-up, quick enrollment, and high quality execution.

Rho’s clinical project management team is experienced, proactive, and responsive to our clients' needs. We maximize our team's ability to provide quality deliverables within the scope, timeline, and budget.

Our experts drive current and proposed industry standards. They understand the preferred formats for regulatory authorities, including FDA and EMA, the published standards, and the science behind the study, and they have created tools to meet these needs.

From medical consultation on regulatory submissions to reviewing adverse events for relatedness to training study teams on disease states and treatments, our medical monitors play a key role in getting safe and effective products to market.

Throughout the life cycle of the program, Product Safety ensures global safety reporting timelines are met, supports and educates site staff, and provides a safety profile through management and analysis of the safety data as part of their pharmacovigilance services.

Our experienced quality assurance (QA) professionals ensure that quality services in clinical research are delivered in compliance with client-specified criteria and all International Conference of Harmonization/good clinical practice (ICH/GCP) guidelines and federal regulations.

Our experts help our customers by providing regulatory services that accelerate timelines, navigate the submission process, and maximize the life cycle of their product.

Our highly skilled writers consistently produce clear, concise, and accurate submission-ready documents and dossiers.