Clinical Project Management

Setting high expectations and exceeding them

For more than 30 years, Rho has benefited clients from pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and federal research institutions by successfully leading their clinical research projects from initiation to closure. Our Project Managers have diverse backgrounds that give them a broad knowledge of clinical research that helps to unify the trial teams and deliver results that are within the desired scope, timeline, and budget.

Working across the organization to deliver results

With experience in clinical monitoring, FDA guidance, therapeutic expertise and good clinical practices, Rho Project Managers bring an understanding of all aspects of clinical research to their jobs. This understanding helps us to communicate seamlessly with clients and our clinical project management team members to ensure that project objectives, work plans, and priorities are met.

Project performance is maximized by insightful clinical project managers

Our unique ability to see the big picture yet maintain focus on the finer details provides value to our clients. Our backgrounds in protocol management, in-house auditing, and global study site management, among other clinical research disciplines, help us to identify a study's critical path and communicate priorities to our teams to maximize clinical project management performance.

Our clinical project management responsibilities include:

  • Clear communication: managing project meetings; providing frequent status reports; serving as central point-of-contact for clients, internal teams, site staff, and vendors
  • Attentive management: responding rapidly and comprehensively to client requests; determining and disseminating client expectations to the project team; maintaining client-specific guidelines
  • Thorough planning: preparing comprehensive project plans with detailed timelines; anticipating and addressing issues that may otherwise hinder achievement of time-sensitive deliverables; applying data-based decision-making skills
  • Skillful execution: overseeing optimum performance of all teams, services, and technologies affecting project outcomes
  • Dependable control: monitoring contract and scope fulfillment and compliance with Rho and client standard operating procedures
  • Efficient closure: maintaining and archiving all project documentation and holding lessons-learned meeting with project stakeholders

The Clinical Project Managers at Rho are experienced, proactive, and responsive to our clients' needs. We maximize our team's ability to provide quality deliverables within the scope, timeline, and budget. Click here to view an example of our many successes in clinical project managment.


Addressing Diversity in Clinical Trials

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