Randomization & Trial Supply Management

Rho’s IRT experts each have more than 12 years of experience developing, configuring, and supporting IRT solutions. Collectively, we have supported more than 125 studies with IRT services. Our experts are embedded within the overall study project team, we maintain a dedicated validation team, and we have a dedicated client support team that acts as a single point of contact for all of the data systems used to support the study. Our experts oversee your IRT solution from planning, implementation, and execution–all the way through to LPLV and database lock.

Rho offers Medidata’s Rave RTSM system as a solution for randomization and trial supply management. Our experts are accredited to build in Rave RTSM and have developed and configured IVRS/IWRS/IRT/RTSM systems for clients for more than 18 years. Medidata Rave RTSM boasts one of the most comprehensive feature and functionality sets in the industry, including:

  • Direct-to-patient shipments
  • Pooling depot supplies across multiple studies
  • Complex cohort management
  • Re-randomizations and treatment periods
  • Predictive and buffer supply algorithms
  • Both scheduled randomization and dynamic allocation
  • Integration with major IP supply vendors
  • UI and data integration with Medidata Rave EDC