Shannon Kirby

Clinical Team Lead

Shannon Kirby

Clinical Team Lead

Shannon Kirby brings a wealth of cystic fibrosis (CF) and clinical research experience to the Rho team. With over 10 years of clinical research experience, including 8 years dedicated to CF, Ms. Kirby brings a strong portfolio of trial management, protocol development, and clinical site relationships. During her many years at the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Therapeutics Development Network Coordinating Center (CFF TDN-CC), she drove the success of multiple studies not only with her extensive CF clinical research experience but through proactive project management, mentorship of CRAs, site relations, and innovative solution-finding.

Ms. Kirby has a particular knack for empowering and increasing her team’s ability to be independent and make decisions to bring efficiency to trial conduct while simultaneously personally building trusted relationships with the network-sites. In fact, many TDN sites had Shannon’s cell phone number readily available and without hesitation picked up the phone to call. This personal touch is what sets Shannon’s style apart and is a key asset to successful study execution.

Shannon’s knowledgeable and well-rounded CF clinical research skillset includes development of protocols, informed consent forms, study related documents and tools, site monitoring and training, and metrics and timeline management, to name a few. She has performed all types of monitoring visits, overseen and trained CRAs, and trained research site staff.  Additionally, she has experience working with many common pulmonary function tests such as spirometry, home spirometry, and multiple breath washout as well as many other common CF standard of care tests and procedures.

Why Cystic Fibrosis?

“The CF community is unlike any other. The engagement of people with CF, their families and friends, the CF research community, CF sponsors and CROs all striving to improve the lives of those that live with CF is unparalleled and draws you in. I have been incredibly fortunate to be a part of this community.”

This is what drives Shannon:

“When I first started in clinical research, as a research coordinator, my interactions with the patients and their families quickly made me realize the importance of gaining patient trust when conducting research. It is through our important work and projects that we are making a difference in patient lives.  The relationships that I have developed along the way, have made a huge impact on my life both professionally and personally.”

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