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Rho is known for attracting and retaining the best and brightest employees. When we are seeking new candidates, we are looking for the best and brightest to contribute to our value-driven environment. The critical and creative thinking of our teams have established a reputation in the industry for quality, integrity, and productivity.

Rho is a great place for scientific careers

Rho offers many collaborative scientific roles that combine to satisfy our clients’ needs. Roles in our integrated processes may include the Biostatisticians who design the study; the Medical Writers who draft the protocol; the Monitors who ensure success at clinical research sites; or the Principal Investigators who dedicate their careers to focusing on a particular area or disease. With the power of teamwork, these roles combine to help Rho provide our customers with outstanding results.

Rho offers many other diverse and rewarding careers

While most of our careers may be scientific, there are many other roles and responsibilities that assist in the delivery of world-class service to our clients. The ideal candidate will bring integrity, quality, critical and creative thinking, innovation, agility, and adaptability to the workplace. With these characteristics, there’s no telling how far your career can go at Rho.

People who come to Rho stay with Rho

Rho is growing every year, and we have an exceptional number of employees who commit their careers to working at Rho. This leads to a high level of continuity with our clients. People stay with us because Rho is a place where they have the freedom to innovate, excel, and grow. It’s a place where they take pride in providing unsurpassed quality and customer service. If you think Rho is a good fit for you, search our current CRO job postings, and submit your resume for consideration.

Our benefits package exceeds industry standards.

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