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Building Bridges: Patient Advocacy Groups Can Be Vital Partners in Clinical Research Trials

Patient advocacy is vital for advancement in managing disease. We met with Chandrabali Ghose-Paul, Chief Scientific Officer, Emily’s Entourage and Gary Joyner, Chairman Emeritus, Board of Directors, Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia (PCD) Foundation to discuss the role of patient advocacy groups in clinical research. In this webinar, we discuss building the gap between research and patients and how to support patient advocacy in our community.


From Trial Concept to Final Site List: Leveraging Clinical Data Platforms for a Tailored Trial Strategy

From the continuous development of clinical trial and data platforms to the ever-increasing complexity of therapeutic landscapes, understanding the best approach towards conducting feasibility for a clinical trial can prove daunting. Through our expertise in the most innovative feasibility tools and data platforms, we combine these data sources with our operational experience to put forth the most comprehensive, data-driven approaches to starting clinical studies off on the right foot.