Our Values

Living what we believe

Values don’t make Rho a better company, living them does. We were living our purpose and values long before it was fashionable for a company to list them. It’s another reason people with talent, energy, and purpose come to us and stay with us.

Our principles have helped us make the best decisions, not just the easy ones. At our core, our purpose is to improve health, extend life, and enhance quality of life through corporate and research excellence. Rho values integrity, quality, people, teamwork, critical and creative thinking, innovation, agility and adaptability, stability, and profitability. It’s our mission to apply these values to everything we do.


Strict adherence to a very high moral and ethical code is the keystone in Rho’s strong arch of core values. We demonstrate our integrity in relationships within Rho, beyond Rho, and in the manner in which we conduct scientific research and business. We behave honorably and honestly, take responsibility for our actions, forgive the honest mistakes of others, and treat others as we wish to be treated.


A high-quality customer experience matched with high-quality science has always been Rho’s passion. We satisfy internal and external customers time and again by listening carefully, thoroughly understanding, and then tailoring a solution to meet their needs. By caring, we create quality.

Great people

Rho employs smart, talented, positive people with sound judgment, a can-do attitude, and a zeal for teamwork.


Rho values a strong team spirit highlighted by loyalty, accountability, and mutual trust and respect across the entire organization. We work smart together, we work hard together, and we laugh together.

Critical and creative thinking

Rho values thinking. We think both critically and creatively, drawing on our native ingenuity, sharpened and enhanced by our intellect, training, and experience. We evaluate situations and opportunities objectively and incisively; we then craft novel, practical solutions.


Innovation is creativity in action, the integration of thinking and doing. We are committed to relentlessly improving our processes and products to increase quality and productivity and to decrease costs. Innovation brings valuable new products and services to our customers.

Agility and adaptability

Rho values the ability to change quickly. We eagerly anticipate, respond to, and take advantage of changes in our environment. Change is not without risk. We embrace risk but manage it by planning, accepting, and learning from both failures and successes. The opportunity to adapt and evolve energizes us.


Stability—financial, workforce, and corporate—is the foundation of our quality customer experience and our quality culture. Maintaining stability requires rejection of individuals who consistently clash with our core ideology or who lack competence. Most importantly, stability creates a safe environment for Rho employees to take risks, innovate, learn, and develop over a long and rewarding career.


Rho pursues profit because profitability enables us to achieve our other aims.

Our core values are a critical part of who we are as a company today and who we will be in the future. Living by these values empowers us to maximize our clients’ investments and positively impact society.

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