Rho Acquires European CRO, Expanding Global Impact

Integrating complementary reach and expertise to bring new and better treatments to patients worldwide

For more than 35 years, Rho has remained devoted to our core purpose – to improve health, extend life, and enhance quality of life through corporate and research excellence. That means using our expertise to solve clinical and regulatory challenges faced by the industry’s most innovative companies in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academic, and federal sectors. It also means staying true to who we are and our ultimate ambition – improving health and extending the lives of patients everywhere.

As of December 2021, we’re thrilled to extend this commitment through our acquisition of Dokumeds, a privately-held European CRO with multinational reach. Together, we will deliver stronger full-service clinical development support—from investigational new drug applications to marketing applications—globally. We remain committed to delivering the highly collaborative approach, strong relationships, and agile business processes that both Rho and Dokumeds are known for. Our complementary, proven expertise and well-earned reputations for scientific excellence will enable us to help customers more efficiently meet global milestones and improve public health worldwide.

We proudly invite you to join us in our global quest to heal the world.

Rho and Dokumeds remain dedicated to delivering unparalleled customer support to all of our sponsors, including those engaged in multinational full-service drug development programs. Contact our experts to learn more about how we can support your global drug development program.

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