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Rho Employees Help Habitat for Humanity Serve Our Local Community

June 8, 2012

On Saturday, May 19, 2012, a group of Rho employees dedicated part of their weekend to Habitat for Humanity of Orange County. Volunteers prepared and painted rooms, baseboards, and ceilings for two homes within the Phoenix Place neighborhood in Chapel Hill. Habitat of Orange County has built over 270 homes within the past 26 years, serving as both builder and mortgage lender for local families whose homes are unsound, unsafe, or overcrowded.

“Habitat for humanity has been one of my favorite programs for many years. As a new homeowner, I know how uplifting and gratifying a new home can be. Having the opportunity to help pass that along to someone else is what makes this program so amazing. Plus, it was hard to pass up some quality manual labor time with some awesome co-workers. The morning shift group was able to help prime the house for painting. We also had the pleasure of working with the actual homeowner in our group, which made the experience even more heartfelt.” – Britt Bishop, (pictured bottom left) Senior Research Associate at Rho.

Sam Gillett, Statistical Research Associate at Rho, shared this about his experience:  “One of the neatest things about Habitat is that the recipients of each house also put a lot of work in during the construction process. While painting alongside the two owners of the house, it was evident how appreciative they both were of a community that comes out to lend a hand and help a neighbor. I participated because Habitat for Humanity is a wonderful program; it has always been my experience that you meet wonderful people when volunteering on a Habitat project. Finally, I participated because I value Rho’s efforts towards community service. I’m proud to know I have likeminded coworkers, in the office and in the community.”

Rho strives to provide the best quality work, results, and customer service to our customers as well as across our industry.  Equally as important to us is how we serve our community outside of the office. Through their work with Habitat for Humanity, this group of Rho volunteers exemplified our corporate philosophy of quality, team work, customer service, and commitment to our community.