Rho Launches New Podcast

February 25, 2019

Rho is excited to announce the launch of their podcast “Trials and Error.” Hosted by Karen Kesler, Assistant Vice President of Operations at Rho, the podcast will explore the how-to’s of clinical research. Through interviews with Rho subject-matter experts, Kesler digs a bit deeper into hot-button issues within the industry—from patient-centricity to placebo effect and more.

“I am so excited to share the true voice of Rho,” Kesler said, “because our voice is our people. Having those collaborative talks go live through our podcast is our way of getting that amazing voice of Rho out there.”

The podcast will serve as a springboard for discussion regarding industry trends. Kesler looks to tap into Rho’s in-house experts as a resource to break down topics for both industry newbies and seasoned professionals. The first series of episodes include discussions about diversity and inclusion when planning a clinical trial, how to detect and define fraud or fabrication during site-monitoring, and what study teams can do to enhance the patient’s experience.

Rho will be posting new episodes throughout the year, so be sure to follow and subscribe. You can also keep up with all things pod via Rho social media:




Check out the first 4 episodes of “Trials and Error” on iTunes and online.