Phase I Clinical Development Services

Strategic Partnerships Deliver Success

Rho provides the full range of Phase I clinical trial services through strategic partnerships with dedicated Phase I clinics. Under these partnerships, Rho provides a seamless solution for your Phase I needs.

Partnering with Rho as you move into the clinic with your Phase I studies will ensure that your program gets off to a fast and efficient start, and with Rho’s full-service clinical trial support and strategic biometrics and regulatory guidance, your clinical development program will benefit from our forward-looking expertise from Phase I through regulatory approval.

Our strategic partners include world-class Phase I units staffed with experienced clinical trial experts. The investments in these partnerships are significant and demonstrate the commitments of the organizations. A governance structure is in place and consists of a committee staffed by senior operational staff members from each organization, which ensures efficient processes and seamless communication. Contracting is straightforward and streamlined—a single contract for the project is all that is required.

We share common goals of excellence in scientific and data-driven thinking, and deliver smarter, faster data, to our clients through these partnerships.