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Thoughts from Rho’s CEO: Our Commitment to Outstanding Customer Service in Clinical Trials Services

January 10, 2013

The following article comes from Rho’s CEO Russ Helms who would like to share some thoughts on topics that he sees as important to Rho and our business.

There is a lot of competition in the world of clinical trials services. One way we differentiate ourselves is by providing our clients with an unparalleled customer experience. To make sure that happens consistently, we have developed 6 customer service principles that guide all interactions with our clients. All employees are trained on these principles, and adhering to them is an expectation of employees in all areas and at all levels.

Rho’s Principles of Customer Service:

Everyone at Rho must practice friendly professionalism. 

  • Good customer service must be consistently delivered.
  • Rho hires individuals who express a commitment to customer service in alignment with Rho’s Customer Service Principles.
  • Customer service – good or bad – is contagious.  Consistently practicing friendly professionalism will not only please customers; it will encourage others to practice friendly professionalism.
  • Building relationships, a key element of customer service, requires friendly professionalism.

Personal investment is required for great Customer Service.

  • Rho’s company culture supports each individual pursuing a career path that is engaging.  Engaged people intrinsically provide great customer service.  It is important for the company to maintain this culture and for the individual to take the responsibility to pursue engagement.
  • Delivering results is a key part of customer service.  Each individual is responsible for maintaining, seeking, and furthering the technical competence associated not only with his/her current role, but also those roles along the chosen career path.

The totality of our work and interactions contributes to the quality of the service provided to the customer. 

  • You may never interact with an external client; however, the work you do and the customer service you provide to your colleagues directly affects the customer’s perceived satisfaction.
  • Our customers judge our service based on our results, our relationships, and our impact.  All three of these components of customer service must be excellent in order to be regarded as excellent by our customers.  In other words, our deliverables must be top quality (results), our relationships with customers and colleagues must be built on mutual trust and respect (relationships), and the way we provide our services must be striking and above reproach (impact).

We must understand the customer’s wants and needs and help them recognize the difference between them.

  • We seize opportunities to exceed the expectations we have negotiated. When we do that we create loyal, more than satisfied, customers.
  • Finding new customers is expensive; repeat customers are good business.
  • A part of recognizing the customer’s needs vs. wants involves a thoughtful assessment of our work processes.
  • Successful client relationships are not one sided, but include partnering by all stakeholders and include a foundation of trust and respect.

Rho measures, evaluates, and rewards great Customer Service across project, sector, and company lines. 

Leadership at Rho provides the infrastructure that supports efforts to implement Rho’s Customer Service Principles.

  • This includes, but is not limited to: technological infrastructure, vendor selection, and well-defined escalation pathways to eliminate quickly customer service barriers.