Engaging a CRO? Ask Sites What They Think First

Study sites have a tremendous influence on how, when, and where clinical trials take place. They’re the ones training personnel, allocating staff, enrolling participants, managing paperwork, and so much more. So it makes sense that when sponsors need to make important decisions—like which CRO to choose—sites will most certainly have an opinion.

Are you asking them for it?

In this webinar, experts Diane Kitch, Research Nurse Coordinator, Penn State Health, and Carol Minoughan, Director of Business Development, CenExel, join  Rho experts, Becky Baggett, Associate Vice President, Project Delivery and Caitlin Hirschman, Executive Director, Project Delivery to explore the importance of approaching CRO partnerships through the lens of what sites need and want—and why a good site-CRO relationship can facilitate study startup, enrollment, and execution.

You’ll learn:

  • How CROs and sites can and should work together to make trials run smoothly
  • What makes a good partnership between a CRO and site, including what good CROs do to build site relationships
  • What sites appreciate—and also detest—when working with CROs across study startup, enrollment, and trial execution
  • Best practices to get site feedback and input when approaching CRO partnerships