Federal Programs

Our research teams are motivated by discovery and results to improve health, extend life, and enhance quality of life. We achieve this by helping our federal and academic clients run clinical trials and epidemiologic studies, while also guiding them through complex FDA regulations and submissions to get new products and devices approved, and clinical standard manuscripts published.

Rho supports studies that seek new treatments for diseases that affect the immune system. Our research teams aid the search for safer and more effective medical countermeasures, including pandemic influenza vaccinations for adults and anthrax vaccinations for our most vulnerable populations.

We support pioneering research that involves decentralized or virtual clinical trials, organ and stem cell transplantation, explores effective options for treating dental and craniofacial pain, and evaluates interventions to reduce the devastating effects of food allergies and asthma on children.

Federal Research Experience

  • 20+ major prime awards since 1995
  • 20+ subcontract awards since 2005
  • 430+ total studies
  • 220+ clinical trials
  • Phase I-IV clinical trials, observational studies, and mechanistic studies
  • 6 NIH Institutes, HHS/ASPR/BARDA, and the USDA
  • 300+ peer-reviewed articles published in more than 96 journals, including The Lancet, Nature, and The New England Journal of Medicine
  • Low-risk, stable small business
  • Rapid and agile study conduct
  • Long-term federal contractor
  • Expert clinical research collaborator
  • End-to-end services with flexible packaging
  • Decentralized or virtual clinical trial experience

Our Capabilities

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Funding Sources


Federal Contracting Information

DUNS Number: 362726007
CAGE Code: 8A1W7

NAICS Codes:

  • 541715 (small business)
  • 541714 (small business)
  • 541713 (small business)
  • 541720
  • 541690
  • 541511
  • 541512
  • 541990

Current Federal Awards

Our passion for science makes us leaders in federally funded research

Rho Principal Investigators (PIs) must balance being leaders, researchers, authors, communicators, problem solvers, and mentors. It’s these characteristics, along with our long history of research excellence, that make it possible for our partners in federally funded projects to trust that we will assist and guide them in their research endeavors.

Our Publications

Rho’s clinical research experts are some of the most respected and well published in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device clinical research industry. Our researchers have been published in hundreds of peer-reviewed journals, including The New England Journal of Medicine, The Lancet, Nature, Science, and other prestigious journals.

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Past Federal Awards

Over the past 20+ years, Rho has supported more than $500 million of federally-funded research across multiple federal agencies and multiple therapeutic areas. Please see below for a list of past federal awards.

Clinical Research and Operations Management Support (CROMS); NIH/NIDCR; HHSN268201400073C: 9/30/2014 – 9/29/2019; HHSN268200800017C: 9/30/2008 – 9/29/2014

Statistical and Clinical Coordinating Center for the Inner-City Asthma Consortium (ICAC): Immunologic Approaches to Reduce Asthma; NIH/NIAID; HHSN272201000052I: 9/30/2010 – 9/29/2015; N01-AI-25482: 9/30/2002 – 9/30/2011

Atopic Dermatitis Research Network: Statistical and Clinical Coordinating Center (ADRN SACCC); NIH/NIAID; HHSN272200800029C: 6/30/2010 – 7/31/2015; Atopic Dermatitis and Vaccinia Immunization Network Statistical and Data Coordinating Center (ADVN-SDCC); HHSN272200800029C: 5/17/2004 – 12/31/2011

Coordinating Center for Organ Transplant Clinical Trials; NIH/NIAID; U01AI088635: 2/5/2010 – 5/6/2015

Statistical & Clinical Coordinating Center for Autoimmune Disease Clinical Trials (SACCC- ADCT); NIH/NIAID; HHSN272200900057C: 9/30/2009 – 5/31/2015; N01-AI-25481: 9/16/2002 – 9/29/2009

Statistical and Data Coordinating Center: NIAID Immune Tolerance Network and Asthma and Allergic Diseases Cooperative Research Centers (SDCC-ITN); NIH/NIAID; HHSN272200800029C; 6/16/2008 –6/15/2015

Statistics and Data Management Center-Basic and Translational Research Program (BTRP); NIH/NHLBI; U54HL070587: 6/3/2008 – 3/31/2012

Phase II/III Trial of Sildenafil for Sickle Cell Disease Associated Pulmonary Hypertension – Data Coordinating Center (walk-PHaSST-DCC); NIH/NHLBI; HHSN26820061782C: 9/30/2006 – 6/30/2010

Stroke With Transfusions Changing to Hydroxyurea: Data Coordinating Center (SWiTCH DCC); NIH/NHLBI; U01HL078987: 8/1/2005 – 7/31/2011

Hemophilia Growth and Development Study: Pathogenesis of HIV and HCV in Hemophilia; NIH/NICHD; R01 HD41224; subaward from Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles: 9/25/2004 – 8/31/2007

Atopic Dermatitis and Vaccinia Immunization Network Statistical and Data Coordinating Center (ADVN-SDCC); NIH/NIAID; HHSN272200800029C: 5/17/2004 – 12/31/2011

Statistics and Data Management Center for the Comprehensive Sickle Cell Centers (CSCC); U54 HL070587; NIH/NHLBI; 7/1/2003 – 5/31/2008

Bacteriology and Mycology Biostatistics and Operations Unit (BAMBU); NIH/NIAID; N01-AI-15441: 5/1/2001 – 12/31/2008

Data Coordinating Center (DCC) for the National Cooperative Inner-City Asthma Study (NCICAS); NIH/NIAID; U01 AI039776: 9/1/1996 – 7/31/2006

In accordance with federal regulations governing contractors who receive research funding from the Public Health Service, Rho maintains a financial conflict of interest (FCOI) policy for individuals employed or retained by Rho who participate in such research.  Rho’s FCOI policy is available by clicking this link.