Providing end-to-end research expertise to increase quality of life of inner-city children

The Inner-City Asthma Consortium (ICAC) comprises a Statistical and Clinical Coordinating Center (at Rho), a Scientific and Administrative Center (at the University of Wisconsin–Madison), 9 subcontracted clinical research sites, and 2 basic science sites. ICAC is the third in a series of inner-city asthma initiatives funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). The purpose of the consortium is to evaluate the efficacy of therapeutic agents for the treatment of asthma in inner-city children and to understand the underlying causes of the disease.

Rho is responsible for providing statistical, clinical, technical, product safety, and administrative expertise for the consortium. Project team members coordinate activities to support the design and conduct of a series of clinical, mechanistic, and biomarker studies. Rho statisticians provide leadership for the design and analysis of clinical trials and studies of underlying mechanisms. They also collaborate with clinicians during concept development, providing statistical and clinical trial expertise essential to creating the protocol. The administrative and infrastructure support tools established for this project include registration and tracking systems, standard operating procedures, and document templates. A secure Web site dedicated to the needs of this project provides a collaborative environment for efficient communication among all participating groups. Rho’s duties also include reporting of serious adverse events (SAEs), clinical site monitoring activities, and support for investigational new drugs (INDs). 

Dr. Sam Arbes is the Principal Investigator at Rho. 

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Asthma Phenotypes in the Inner Citiy


Urban Environment and Childhood Asthma



Asthma Control Evaluation


Biomarker-Based Cockroach Sublingual Immunotherapy


Biomarker-Based Cockroach Sublingual Immunotherapy


German Cockroach Allergan Standardization Evaluation


Exhaled Breath Condensates Study


The Role of Epigenetics in Inner City Asthma


Inner-City Asthma Anti-IgE Therapy for Asthma

ICATA Mechanistic

Inner-City Anti-IgE Therapy for Asthma Mechanistic Studies


Preventative Omalizumab or Step-up Therapy for Severe Fall Exacerbations


Subcutaneous Immunotherapy for Cockroach


Sublingual Cockroach Safety Study